guava bars | identity no. 1

Identity: the condition of being oneself or itself, and not another.

Sometimes it can be really hard to “identify” yourself. We are often asked to confine ourselves to a single option.

“Hispanic or Latino.” “White (not Hispanic or Latino).”

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must read: molly on the range

Molly on the Range is a great book for the home cook (or any cook) looking to push new boundaries in accessible ways. Or, this book is also just a great read and source of entertainment as if it were a novel. [I read most of this book out loud to my husband on a car trip…he kept asking me to read more!]

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ringing in the new year in hope

Marriage is hard. I think it’s even harder for an only child although I have no statistical proof; BUT marriage is mostly a huge blessing. Not because Nathaniel is wonderfully gracious, loving, patient, and kind, (although he is all these things) but because marriage highlights my selfishness and unworthiness.

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