guava bars | identity no. 1

Identity: the condition of being oneself or itself, and not another.

Sometimes it can be really hard to “identify” yourself. We are often asked to confine ourselves to a single option.

“Hispanic or Latino.” “White (not Hispanic or Latino).”

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chocolate chip pound cake

Pound cake is a whole different animal than regular birthday cake. For starters, it has a pound of butter in it–oh yeah, that’s why it’s called pound cake. (I didn’t know that for a long time!)

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egg in the basket

For now, I’ve been taking it easy in the cooking department. Easy and quick are my main goals these days! So here is one of my fav breakfasts growing up–just a little fancy because I made my own bread. (seriously the easiest bread in the world…you can make it right now.) Some people call this Egg in a Hole or Toad in a Hole (which I don’t really get the second one) but we call it Egg in the Basket in my house.

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