Detox Pho

Sometimes your body needs a little relief from your poor eating habits during the week. I know when I’m busy at work, food is the last thing on my mind (which is funny considering I work in a restaurant!) Snacking may seem like a bad habit, but little protein drinks or granola are really good to have around—especially when you have a difficult eating schedule. IMG_2348IMG_2365

Or maybe your body is under stress or you have a gastrointestinal disease—whatever the case may be, sometimes your body just needs a break! For all those times, a good, flavorful broth is a life saver. Usually I get a whole chicken to make some great stock, but I’ve been seeing a lot about bone broth and I wanted to try it out. IMG_2371

I found this great recipe for Beef Bone Broth on Epicurious. You can definitely go up to the butcher to ask for some different beef bones, and beef knuckles are also pretty easy to find in your regular meat section. That is what I used for my broth—they still have some meat on them, and after roasting they create a very rich broth.

Like I said earlier, I usually make, and use, chicken broth in my cooking so I wasn’t sure exactly what I would do with all this broth. But have no fear!! Epicurious had me covered: Detox Pho. Pho is a traditional Vietnamese soup of broth (beef or chicken), noodles, meat, and herbs. The flavor is recognizably distinct, yet hard to place. I would never have known that the flavors I’ve tasted before come from cinnamon and cloves! The spices in this dish are incredible. (And did I mention there is no fat in this at all? None from start to finish.)FullSizeRender

This dish also makes a stunning presentation, with your pile of noodles, meat and veggies, and the broth generously poured on top. You can get creative with toppings: I used julienned carrots, thinly sliced radishes, green onion, basil, and lime as garnish.  IMG_2349

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