cinco de mayo cookies

Ah, the fifth of May––an excuse to eat tons of Mexican food (as if you needed an excuse). What am I doing to celebrate? Making cookies of course, and there’s nothing Mexican about them at all, but they sure are cute for a party! (Pinterest inspired of course) FullSizeRenderIMG_1987.JPG

For the cookies I used King Arthur’s recipe for Holiday Butter Cookies (because this is a holiday, right?) and added two tsp. vanilla to the mix. The frosting is also their recipe for royal icing. They also have tons of great decorating tips on their website!! This was my first time using royal icing to decorate, and what a project! IMG_2010.JPGIMG_2023.JPGIMG_2016

Pro Tip: roll the cookie dough out between two sheets of parchment, and use the cookie cutters directly on the parchment peeling away the extra scraps. Then you can just slide the parchment right onto the cookie sheet ready to go, and you never have to mess with trying to transfer the cookie cutouts to the cookie sheet! This is a life changing tool, especially if your shapes are more intricate.IMG_1993.JPG

P.S. I added a little music for your listening pleasure. No, this is not very festive fiesta music, but it’s what my husband was practicing on the piano while I was baking. It’s one of my favorites!

How are you celebrating this Cinco de Mayo?

3 thoughts on “cinco de mayo cookies

  1. gave me such a flashback treat!
    I’ve performed Gershwin’s Rhapsody (clarinet solo) and saguaro cacti are only found in my home state of Arizona. The cookies are beautiful, as are you!
    Thanks for sharing your culinary gift with us all!

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