chamomile cupcakes with honey glaze

Birthdays provide very vivid memories for me, and they all revolve around what I had to eat that day. Was it the year I had a tea party, or the year we had tacos, or the year I “catered” my own birthday? My ideal birthday is shared with my friends and family gathered together for a meal I have prepared—I love food and I love to create, but what I love most is to cook for others.

img_0188-1Naturally, birthdays (other than my own) provide an excellent excuse to discover and expand my repertoire. For a co-worker’s birthday this week, I was searching for the perfect cupcakes. Most cupcakes are usually hidden somewhere under globs of sugar, chocolate, nuts, candy, or all of the above. Those cupcakes are definite indulgences, and sometimes they are just what the doctor ordered; but this is still January, so we are trying to be better about our sweets intake (if you’re eating any at all), right?

img_0170Joy the Baker came to my rescue! She posted a recipe for honey chamomile cupcakes back in 2012 when she was also releasing her first cookbook. This recipe came from and was a celebration of her new cookbook. They are perfectly light and delicate, fragrant and romantic. Chamomile is not usually my cup of tea—I prefer “Tea, Earl grey, hot”—but the herb provides the perfect spice and floral fragrance to these little, light cakes.

Pair with your favorite pot of tea or pop the bubbly and enjoy!

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