sweet corn and ricotta raviolo

fullsizerender-5It’s a new year, and many people are seeking to “eat green” or cleanse their bodies from holiday indulgences. I think it’s good and  necessary for us to be more conscientious of what we consume; but I think we also need to be realistic and holistic to our approach. fullsizerender-7

Pasta may not be on the menu for your New Year’s cleanse, but this recipe is light and fresh with ricotta, shallots, and corn. Here is another ravioli idea. If you want an extra indulgence, you can add an egg yolk to the inside as well (as suggested in this recipe). I made one larger raviolo with egg yolk for each of us, and the rest I made much smaller, sans egg yolk. With a coating of buttery broth and a drizzle of olive oil, the simplicity of the fresh ingredients shine, leaving a happy mouth AND a happy tummy.

Shortcut: If you like the idea of making your own ravioli or you just love the sound of this filling but you aren’t ready to make your own pasta dough, follow this recipe exactly, replacing the pasta dough with pre-made wonton wrappers. This will still give you an impressive homemade ravioli and also reduce much of the hands-on time.

I do recommend trying to make your own dough sometime if you haven’t already. It takes some practice and trial and error, especially working with the pasta machine, to get it right; but once you get it, it’s amazing! fullsizerender-14fullsizerender-13

-buon appetito

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