shrimp scampi + mini frozen key lime pies

On Thursday, Nathaniel and I celebrated our four-month anniversary. It’s amazing how time flies and yet it feels like it’s been years.

IMG_8317 copy

I luckily had the day off, so I was able to do all my shopping and cooking to have dinner ready for when Nathaniel came home. I wanted to make something special, something that we don’t normally eat, and I decided on shrimp. I haven’t had much experience cooking seafood, and shrimp are probably about the easiest place to start. I picked up some fresh shrimp from Whole Foods, uncooked, but they were already prepped and deveined. In my defense I was looking forward to doing the dirty work, not knowing that it was already done. (So the above picture was my staging for the deveining process–that didn’t happen–but it made a good picture)


I came up with a three course meal based on recipes I found on Epicurious. I started the meal with a chilled coconut-corn soup. I thought this would be a nice intro to our shrimp dinner. It had a great flavor, but it was a bit thick for my taste. I felt that it was missing something so maybe next time instead of adding water I would use the shrimp shells to make a stock instead to give the soup extra flavor and also to make the meal more cohesive. Here is the original recipe:


For the main course I made shrimp scampi. I am not generally a fan of shrimp scampi and would not order it in a restaurant, but this “how to make shrimp scampi without a recipe” intrigued me and sounded so good that I had to try it. Basically the premise is that you can make it exactly to your taste:how much garlic you want, how many red pepper flakes you want, how much wine you want… Sounds pretty good, right?  Here is the original recipe:


Finally for dessert, and by finally this was actually the first thing that I made, we had mini frozen key lime pies. A whole pie can sometimes seem daunting, but these little cuties are so simple to make and simply delicious! Also, they are frozen, so they are like little ice cream bites. The recipe calls for using a regular muffin tin, but I used mini muffin tins because that is all I had, and also because they are so cute! So in the mini muffin tins, the recipe yields about 2.5 dozen (or just 2 dozen if you eat the rest straight from the bowl…). Here is the original recipe:


go forth and celebrate

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