Another food blog?

For my first ever blog post, I thought it would be appropriate to tell you a little bit about myself. Then you can decide whether or not you want to keep reading! And please have mercy…I can only hope to become a better writer over time.
I grew up in Memphis, TN, moving there when I was 5 years old. My mom is from Lawrenceburg, IN and my dad is from Puerto Rico. I am an only child. Growing up in the south was quite an experience. Yes, many stereotypes about the south are true, but some are just wrong. Yes I did grow up wearing shoes in public and we do have tvs. (Just some of the questions I was asked when I went to school up north.) But ultimately, I look back on my upbringing and my city with so much love.

Being an only child, I learned quickly to take interest in things that were far beyond my years, because I spent all my time around my parents and their friends. I skipped the chicken nuggets phase altogether–and to this day I’m not really a fan. *gasp* Please keep reading! When my family travels, our exploring revolves around our meals and where we eat. I believe the most important part about traveling to different cities and countries is to experience the food! You immediately begin to understand that culture when you step in the door and you are greeted with a “How y’all doing?” or you take your shoes off and sit on the floor. Food tells stories–it tells the story of the ones who prepared your meal, and it tells the story of the ones who grew and raised what become your ingredients. Somewhere, hopefully not too far back down the line, you can trace your plate back to its simplest and purest ingredients. Sounds kind of like a family tree! Knowing the stories and histories of where you came from–they are interconnected.

So as we explore Aspen for the summer, our schedules are very busy, but somehow I’ve still managed to make some delicious meals–and of course sometimes we’re too tired and eat out. The kitchen where we live is pretty small and limited, but we are making it work! So here are my culinary adventures and delights as we continue to explore and live life in Aspen. –bon appétit

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